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good morning. 5:00, thanks for joining us, i'm kristen sze. and i'm eric thomas. let's find without the weather is going to look like. good morning. live doppler 7 hd, what you are going to see is clouds, a lot of cloud cover, a little damp, moisture in the ground from the rain over the weekend. fog will form especially in the north bay valleys through the morning commute. the good news is most of our wet weather for today has shifted to the north. it is going to stay up there, other than a rogue storm or two, that may dip down into the northern sections of sonoma county. if you are headed up north that's where you will find tough weather to travel today. mostly cloudy upper 50s to near 60 coast rest of us in the low to mid 60s, mostly cloudy for the better part of today. here's sue. bay bridge toll, metering lights off -- >> sorry about that sue we don't have your microphone
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we'll get back to you. >> top story, one of the biggest thanksgiving meals in the bay area will be taking place in a few hours the charity in charge is sending out a warning. amy hollyfield is live at sacred heart community service in san jose. >> reporter: good morning. we are inside the pantry this is the food that people will be picking up today, fresh vegetables, turkeys of course. officials are worried they believe they are short about 1,000 turkeys. the people coming in today, have appointments there is no need to wait in line, yet. look at this video we shot moments ago, people sleeping on the sidewalk outside of sacred heart, officials say they did not expect to see this. that it just illustrates the need out there you hear talk about the recession ending, officials here say, people are still struggling. >> i didn't expect anybody to
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be waiting at our doorstep when i got here the person was in line for blankets why do you wait overnight on a cold night for blankets? because people are struggling in this economy. >> reporter: this was the scene at the beginning of the month, people camped out overnight for the opportunity to make an appointment to come back today to pick up the food. officials say, donations are down this year. one thing they blame is the timing of thanksgiving. it is early this year, and there's a short window 2010 the election which captured people's attention and then thanksgiving is upon us. the hope is this week people will realize we haven't donated or given to our local charity this is the week to do it. today they expect 1200 people to come and pick up their boxes of food. they are hoping by wednesday more donations will come in and they will be able to serve even more people. amy hollyfield, abc7 news.
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we insight you to be part of the abc share your holiday food drive on december 12th. for more information go to san jose police are holding a news conference later this morning to discuss the manhunt for the murder suspect who shot it out with police friday night wounding an officer. that reward $10,000 will be announced later on. police arrested the accompliceq jonathan wilbanks of san jose held on attempted murder of police officer and armed robbery the pair on a crime spree friday night killing a 22-year-old in a carjack ago tempt at a 7-eleven. the suspect shot at police off highway 101. the wounded officer is expected to fully recover.
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civilian death toll continues to rise from israeli rocket strikes on hamas militants in the gaza strip, diplomats are headed to the region today in hopes of brokering a cease-fire. katie marzullo with the latest. >> reporter: pressure for cease-fire is growing, negotiations going on now egypt. the u.n. secretary of general moon arrived there today. at the same time israel's prime minister netanyahu says he's prepared to expand the operation. his chief of staff has ordered troops to step up the pace of the raids in gaza. israel has launched more than 1,000 missiles, killing at least 84 palestinians. israel has massed armor and troops on the border. president obama is urging israel not to launch a ground war. tony blair and israeli president peres have met and speaking out. >> i hope over the coming days we can achieve cessation on a
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basis that is sustainable. >> our goals are clear to stop the fire and to introduce a deterrent against renewal of. >> reporter: stop the fire and introduce a deterrent against it. hamas continues to fire rockets into israel 1,000 total, nearly 300 intercepted. three israeli civilians have been killed, more than 60 injured. israel has opened a crossing allowing several trucks with medical supplies to enter. gaza hospitals are running low. katie marzullo, abc7 news. former head of the cia david petraeus has hired one of the top lawyers in washington to help him handle
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his sex scandal and fbi investigation. they want to know if paula broadwell had access to classified information. she arrived back home with her husband and two sons yesterday. petraeus testified before members of congress friday and apologized for the affair. petraeus said he knew attack on the u.s. consulate in libya on september 11th, was a terror attack from the start. man arrested at oakland international airport for carrying bomb tears police took him into custody thursday night. tsa officers said he had a watch with fuses, switches and wires and layers of insoles in his boots that were two sizes too big he said he's an artist and he was carrying artwork in a statement released last night his lawyer said eccentric artists behave -- mcgann did not have materials
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to harm anyone. materials for oakland police officers union have filed a searing critic of the top brass three weeks before a judge hears arguments on whether the department should be handed over to federal authorities to run. the chronicle reports the union lawyers say oakland commanders were ineffective and accused them of leading the public on as they failed to install reforms mandated a decade ago. the hearing before a federal judge is set for december 13th. battle to bring the warriors to san francisco is expected to get new reinforcements today. restaurant and hotel workers are expected to join the building trade unions in support of proposed new arena. the proposal includes new hotel to be built across from the arena last week the board
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of supervisors voted the project was financial feasible. resolution set to come before the full board tomorrow. san francisco police have extra dui patrols around candlestick park tonight looking for drunk drivers. there is no official word whether quarterback smith will start. the 49ers' quarterback has been practicing you can see in the black no contact jersey smith is coming back in a concussion and still has to be cleared to play tonight. 9ers might into the make that decision hours before the start of the game which you can watch on espn beginning at 5:30. 9-year-old sam gordon found national fame last week as the young girl who crushes the boys on the football field. now she is crushing the hearts of the 49ers. sam was a guest of the 9ers at the team's practice facility yesterday she arrived to a round of applause and go to
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practice a little, throwing a pass, successfully. she got down to brass tacks with coach harbaugh and had fun doing the heisman pose. >> we don't know she talked to the general manager that's a possibility. let's find out how the weather is going to be. fine, a little damp, cloudy, mild around 60, dropping into the upper 50s at the stick this afternoon into the evening depending on if you are tailgating or not. live doppler 7 hd, 10 minutes after 5:00, pretty much no radar returns, drier air now, no trigger mechanism to squeeze out moisture. green on top of the bay, especially north bay, with the jet stream close to us, cold front, stray storm or shower in for the north bay everybody
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else mainly cloudy, a break, another break from the rain like yesterday afternoon. sprinkle or two possible this morning, low to mid 50s, mid to upper 50s noontime, hanging in the upper 50s most of the afternoon at the coast while the rest of us are in the mid 60s we all fall back into the upper 50s by 7:00. next three days, things do change, a few stray showers ahead of the steadier rain tomorrow evening, three wednesday morning, scattered showers wednesday afternoon, then drier air comes in, a long period of dry weather thursday through at least the weekend that forecast coming up, thanksgiving dry. here's sue with an update on your commute. light morning so far, early out there, light, no problems at the bay bridge toll, obviously no metering lights, no issues on the upper deck, drive on the east shore freeway past university avenue into emeryville and headed towards the macarthur maze
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everything is moving at the limit westbound for 80. westbound 4 at 680 accident blocking ramp, that has been cleared out of lanes, drive out of antioch looking good so far on westbound highway 4. southbound 680 to southbound 101 in san jose, stall blocking one lane on the connector ramp. tow truck is out there. here's some of your busier dives, right now looking good westbound 580, slow traffic on -- 205 from i-5 towards 580 other than that smooth sailing 680 to the 580 junction less than 20 minutes east shore freeway commute also less than 20 minutes. 5:11. >> search resumes this morning for a worker missing after an oil rig explosion off the coast of louisiana. new video of the blast and fire as it happened. federal agents open an investigation at major california prison.
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what some health workers there are accused of doing.
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cloudy, sprinkles maybe for the morning commute, looks like a dry pattern at last 24 hours. stray showers north bay the rest of us a lot of rain on the way tuesday and wednesday. i'll give you the details.
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now more news. 5:15. new this morning, a television crew shooting an episode of a fishing show in the gulf of mexico captured video of friday's offshore oil rig explosion as it happened. in the distance you will see the fireball that occurred 20 miles off grand isle, louisiana killed one worker, dissipated quickly, large plume of smoke, 11 injured, including four who suffered major burns. state and federal authorities conducting separate investigations into possible corruption at a sole dad prison. investigators are looking into allegations of payroll fraud and accusations that some prison nurses diverted drugs that were supposed to be used to treat inmates. last accused of falsifying medical records to cover-up crimes dating back to 2009. the soledad training facility is overseen by a federal receiver by court order, officials say appropriate
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action is being taken. gas prices going down in time for that thanksgiving road trip, average price has dropped seven cents over past two weeks, nationwide $3 boy 41, still pricey in -- $3.41 still pricey in california $3.90 in the bay area. lighting up san francisco's pier 39. >> we are so happy to have you here to help us kickoff the holiday season. >> spencer christian and the annual lighting of the christmas tree. the tree will stay lit until the first week of january if you missed it you can catch all the festivities during a half hour special next sunday november 25th, 4:30 p.m. that would be this sunday coming up.
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go out there and enjoy it, maybe tonight before the rain starts coming in. >> or you can go out thursday through monday, finally extended period of dry weather baby put the decorations up, do some -- maybe put the decorations up, shopping. good morning. beautiful picture on the right, embarcadero center lights on as ice rink opened friday night, ferry building still glowing blue in the distance the bay bridge, still waiting for fog to develop in the north bay valleys, hasn't happened yet, maybe a chance to the south where we have a clear sky, just south of gilroy the sky does open this morning, good news all radar returns are nonexistence, dry commute if you have to work, low to mid 50s, that's how you should dress when you step out, los gatos 49, cooler monterey , my
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cloudy today with the storm track moving north stray shower may dip in the north bay most of us will be dry. tuesday and wednesday wet weather after that going to remain dry for the rest of the seven day forecast. mainly in the mid 60s around the bay, low 60s here and there. cooler at the coast. low to mid 60s monterey bay mid to upper 60s inland more sunshine farther south you head. let's talk about the game, bears in town to take on the 49ers 5:30, 60, by 9:00, 57° not going to be too chilly at the stick. it is the stick so you know. temperatures in the 40s inland to fremont, palo alto, half moon bay, a lot of low 50s until you get to san francisco and san mateo mid 50s.
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high pressure still trying to hold on and block in system making good head way, cooler air behind it, heavier cooler air pushing it in. this morning, through the evening, best chance of rogue shower across the north bay, especially northern sonoma, overnight possibility of a few sprinkles for the commute, most organized area looks to be northern sonoma county, scattered showers out ahead of the system tomorrow, bulk of the wet weather around 9:00 in the evening, spreads across the entire bay for wednesday's morning commute and wednesday afternoon scattered showers 10th to quarter inch of rain now half inch to inch north bay up to an inch in our mountains. cooler tuesday and wednesday, temperatures warm a few degrees with extra sunshine and dry weather thursday through sunday. have a great day.:qq if you are headed out of san francisco in the middle of your afternoon commute that
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9er game you1)÷ may want to consider 280 if you travel 101. san mateo bridge, from hayward towards foster city, a little busy with brake lights towards the highrise, southbound 101 tail lights through san rafael san pedro road, you are at the limit here, looking at your drive out of antioch not a bad drive westboundsfl highway 4, eastbound 580 roadwork, one lane eastbound, two lanes once the -- should be picked up by 11:00. all mass transit on time. for your waze app take a look at 580 out of the central valley, a little slow on 205 towards 580, speeds pick up past the altamont pass. today on katie, actress
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sally field and singer tony bennett. field will talk about her latest film "lincoln." tony bennett just released new spanish language duet album. jut in time for the holidays, americans are -- just in time for the holidays americans are racking up more credit card debt and more of us making late payments. americans on average charged 5% more in the third quarter compared to the same period a year earlier. payments that were 90 days late increased 5%. credit card use dropped to historically low levels after the recession hit in 2008. gaming enthusiasts marking release of new wii game pad selling briskly in san francisco yesterday. the new system is designed to appeal to the wii casual audience and hard-core gamers. one new owner wanted to start
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playing right away. >> first console the next generation i'm happy to have it and would like to play mario on it. >> it has been six years since the last major system was launched, video game sales dropped quarter of a billion dollars a machine as people turn more to iphones and ipads. >> not all of the expected features will be available right way on the new wii-u. corporate sales, tv shows and sports will not be activated until december. nintendo has not given a reason for this delay. >> >> bay area surprise at the american music awards. we'll show you who stepped
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. welcome back. beautiful picture from vollmer peak 'em he center, now the lights are on -- you can see the bay bridge back to emeryville clear air this morning a break from the rain today more on the way in the forecast. next spring you will be able to step foot nay section of the sierra that has been private for the last century. two groups purchased 3,000 acres of land north of truck key. almost all of the land is -- truckee. almost all of the land is
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untouched and will be protected. for the last century the family who owned it used the land for sheep grazing some of the wildlife include mountain lions, black bears and bald eagles. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> two decades after he blasted on to the scene, oakland's own mc hammer busted aid move gangnam style. justin bieber was the big winner, artist of the year, stevie wonder, singing a tribute to ama founder the late dick clark. >> hammer and si brilliant. >> got you singing. >> people aren't singing much on muni rider frustration is leading to serious questions. the hearing today that could
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prove embarrassing for the transit agency. new details in a crime spree. the announcement expected today. >> if you are traveling today not too many worries, 40s along our border with canada 50s and 60s elsewhere until you get to the gulf coast 70s, 80 phoenix, delays in philadelphia, baltimore and detroit, rain towards st. louis, seattle and portland check out our flight tracker,
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good monday morning. 5:30 thank you for join us. i'm kristen sze. i'm eric thomas. over there that's mike nicco
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he has your forecast. good monday morning. the rain has subsided for now, we have cloud cover out there, a little damp, temperatures mild in the low to mid 50s. we'll keep live doppler running the system to our north may drop a stray shower into northern sonoma county today, otherwise clear as far as the rain goes. albeit cloudy, mild, upper 50s to near 60 at the coast, low to mid 60s for the rest of us. 5:30 now. this morning san jose police will appeal to the public for help in finding the second man involved in a deadly crime spree that ended in a shootout with police officers. one suspect is already in custody many a reward is going to be offered? >> reporter: that's right. the san jose police officers association is offering a $10,000 reward in hopes that it will have someone contact
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them and lead them to the accomplice of jonathan wilbanks who is already under arrest. we have an overview of wilbanks and his accomplices map of their widespread violent crime spree this happened friday night police say it began before 7:30 wilbanks and his accomplice robbed a little caesar's. 15 minutes later the two robbed a gas station on east capitol expressway and an hour after that, they hit a jack-in-the-box on kurtner and a spa on bird avenue. police say the pair didn't physically hurt anyone until an attempted carjacking at a 7-eleven, they shot and killed 22-year-old campbell resident rory parkpettiford. when police spotted the pair they sped away they got out of the car and began shooting at officers within officer was grazed at the him.
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-- one officer was grazed at the hip. police say this rare reward is substantial so they can find answers. >> this is not something that is done routinely these are extraordinary circumstances to our -- two of our officers barely walked away with their lives. >> reporter: jonathan wilbanks already under arrest. police hope the $10,000 will lead them to his accomplice. there's a press conference later this morning. city leaders, including the mayor are expected to be in attendance. we'll bring you the latest at 11 a.m.. kira klapper, abc7 news. police have identified the man found shot to death in menlo park. officers found the 42-year-old inside his car on ivy drive saturday night. police are searching for two people seen running from the scene one ran north the other west, police have not revealed a possible motive.
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the man accused of killing seven people at an oakland university is scheduled to be back in court today. a judge is holding a hearing to determine if one goh is mentally competent to stand trial. the 43-year-old has pleaded not guilty, police say he admitted he did it because he was angry at oikos for refusing to refund his tuition. his public defender is questioning his competency. demonstrators are planning to protest in friend of israeli consulate in san francisco in afternoon over the escalating conflict in gaza. palestinians continue to fire more than 100 rockets into israel overnight and israel retaliated, missile attack destroyed two hopes in gaza city, killing four and wounding 42. israeli leaders are preparing to ram up military operations while he -- to ramp up
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military operations. katie marzullo will have a live update on the mideast situation coming up in the next half hour. air force one has landed in cambodia where president obama is scheduled to talk about the country's poor human rights record with the prime minister. mr. obama and secretary of state clinton will attend the east asia summit to discuss trade and other issues in a nation that has reformed after the deaths of millions in the 70s. the president arrived from myanmar, where he encouraged the country to continue its transition to democracy in a speech at the university. mr. obama is the first sitting president to visit myanmar. san francisco muni leaders will face tough questions this morning at a hearing the hearing will focus on muni performance and maintenance critics say the system is suffering from poor , lack of investment and most of -- issues with reliability in
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august muni had an on-time rate of 57%. muni is considering spending 6 1/2 million dollars to provide free rides to students. 5:35. workers at the port of oakland are planning to go on a 24 hour strike beginning 9:00 tonight. workers say they've gone 16 months without a contract. the union says port manage is demanding cuts though it has a 37 million dollar surplus. the strike is set to kickoff tonight at the airport terminal, pickets plan to target the airport and port tomorrow. >> nurses planning a strike they say they will walk out tomorrow morning. it will be the seventh strike against sutter since september of last year, second this month off a long-standing contract dispute. the strikes usually a lockout for four days hospital administrators hire replacement nurses for that
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amount of time. this morning hostess will begin liquidating the company. the popular snacks are expected to survive. hostess' lawyers will be in bankruptcy court in new york to ask for permission to begin selling off the company. experts believe another company will most likely buy the ding-dong, ho-ho and tweufrpb which portion of the company. -- and twinkie portion of the company. new worries forayers' fans who fear the team might think about moving to -- for raiders fans who fear the team might think about moving. "los angeles times" reports today, the pasadena city council will hold a hearing on a plan to bring an nfl team to the city on a temporary basis raiders are not specifically
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mentioned there are rumors the raiders may consider relocating. sacred heart community service in san jose needs your help. we just got a new update, still needs 1,000 turkeys. sacred heart s a box of food with a turkey for low income families they've been doing this every year a lot of people will not get a turkey this year unless they get more dough faces quickly. they begin handing out holiday boxes this morning. amy hollyfield is talking with organizers about their turkey shortage she will have a live update in the next half hour. we invite you to be part of the abc7 share your holiday food drive december 12th. we broadcast live from around the bay area taking donations for local food banks. for more information and location nearest you go to a lot of us are vying to be at the sites, fun to meet
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the fans who come out and bring their food. everybody shares the holiday spirit. >> folks who get up early to see us, always nice. this morning shouldn't be problems with wet roads. >> pretty dry, there is a chance of a sprinkle or two, clouds are starting to lose a lot of their moisture and the storm track is moving north, temporarily, good morning here's a look at radar, quiet. when you step outside low to mid 50s, 49 los gatos, latest temperature readings from the official reporting stations. as far as the big picture, you can see a definite right hand turn of the jet stream more towards portland and seattle, a lot of wet weather up there, high elevation snow, moisture plum s to northern california, a few radar returns not as impressive. a few are possible in northern sonoma county today. otherwise mainly cloudy,
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temperatures mainly in the low to mid 50s this morning, mid to upper 50s lunchtime. stay in the five east at the coast low to mid 60s bay at 4:00, mild this evening mostly cloudy, upper 50s. now the next couple of days after that showers will move into the bay area late tuesday organized showers, they will move through wednesday morning, scattered showers wednesday afternoon, definitely be die for thanksgiving. have a good one. relatively light this monday morning, live look at the bay bridge toll, traffic smoothly into san francisco up the incline through the tunnel into the city, san jose, 87 northbound past hp pavillion, at the limit, no problems, stall to report is southbound 80 in oakland at 16th, partially blocking a lane, chp unclear on what lane it is, we'll check back hopefully it will be clear next time.
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busier drive times, moderate off the altamont pass, 101 out of santa rosa towards novato. east shore freeway less than 20 minutes. your waze app this is highway 4 out of antioch starting to bunch up a bit traffic shotter showing moderate traffic towards 680, moderate towards walnut creek. you can navigate your commute if you are downloading this app free on the app store and google play. 5:40. next, the toxic danger an environmental group says is still covering the neighborhood around the chevron refinery. top catholic church leader in san jose apologizes for controversy solving --
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. welcome back. picture from mount tamalpais, embarcadero center, lights are on, official start to the holiday season. new morning, chemical fallout from the richmond chevron refinery fire may still coat your yard and vegetable garden, three months after the fire. the chronicle reports environmental group global
5:44 am
community monitor found high levels of hydrocarbons in five out of eight samples taken from different areas around the refinery, dust and dirt from yards across nine mile area tested by a lab. smoke from the august 6th fire blanketed much of the bay area. chevron questions the results, saying contra costa county health officials took air samples and found no significant health risk. >> the bishop of the san jose diocese apologizing for written permission for a sex offender to volunteer at a khrpbs festival. a parent recognized 51-year-old mark gurries as a sex offender as he was volunteering last minute. a deputy responded but could not arrest gurries because he had written permission from a church official to be there. the mercury news reports, bishop mcgraff told parishioners he would do
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anything to make sure that doesn't happen again. he said i am deeply troubles and apologize this policy was not followed. he added an investigation sun way. food industry is going to extreme to get your attention. bloomberg business report is next. one of the earliest starts ever in the bay area why so many people are already camped out for black friday deals and why it could be a waste of time. coveted invitation to the white house today special honor a bay area youth group is receiving
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. welcome back. live doppler tracking rain up to the north and mainly going to stay north if you are traveling the state today watch out north of chico and reading a lot of rain, very high elevation snow this is a warm system, mostly cloudy in tahoe, 47, 57 yosemite, upper 60s afternoon sun san diego and l.a. near 80 in palm springs. 5:49. this morning flee bay area boaters are thankful for --
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three bay area boaters are thankful for good samaritans who saved them from their capsizing boat. a group of fishermen rescued two in the water the harbor master picked up a third person. the coast guard says the three suffered from exposure but did not appear to have serious injuries. no word on what caused the boat to capsize. san francisco may be shedding anything goes image when it comes to public nuti. board of supervisors set to -- on nudity -- [ unintelligible ] bond film star daniel craig introduced latest installment to a special audience this weekend. flushed with the success of skyfall craig dropped in on british troops serving in
5:50 am
afghanistan. the camp was buzzing with excitement, hundreds were about to screen the new james bond movie when 007 himself surprised them in the flesh. craig was giving a brief speech there after the fill being the 44-year-old got a tour of the base and met with soldiers. >> he didn't -- >> i'm sure they all wanted to see the gadgets. >> astin martin in the desert would be nice. damp morning, just because there's a lot of moisture in the air, so far no rain, no drizzle, good commute. from sutro this morning, clean air there are clouds not obscuring the view cloud cover you can see retreating north along with our storm track
5:51 am
thicker clouds heading up to the north, a sprinkle possible, i think we are going to get through today, mainly dry, especially the farther south you are. here's a look at our temperatures, 49 los gatos, everybody else in the low to mid 50s, 55 oakland, san francisco and half moon bay. mid to upper 40s monterey bay temperature continues to drop, your sky is not as -- let's talk about what is going to happen today, cloudy rogue shower possible across the north bay, tuesday and wednesday, storm track comes back down, a chance of rain for all of us, won't be as heavy as it was over the weekend but out there dry once we get past that, dry for rest of the holiday week into the weekend. today cloudy, low to mid 60s bay and inland upper 50s to near 60 at the coast, monterey bay, low to mid 60s, mid to upper 60s inland more sunshine around the monterey bay in
5:52 am
your inland valleys. later today, monday night football, candlestick, 5:30 kickoff, 60°, mostly cloudy, dropping to 57, mild winds won't be nearly as bad as they could be normally. they will continue dropping into the upper 40s to low 50s in most neighborhoods, san mateo and san francisco around 53°. cold front moving to the north right now, jet stream taking it that way, going to sink south, starting later today, you could see most of today, quiet other than that rogue shower up to the north and during the overnight hours a few sprinkles possible by the morning commute. by the time we get to tuesday evening, you can see the rain stars to move into the north heaviest during the overnight hours, through wednesday morning, wednesday afternoon, scattered showers, wednesday evening, it is over. quarter of an inch up to a quarter after inch around the bay, isolated half inch areas in the north bay up to an inch
5:53 am
in our mountains. temperatures -- temperatures coolest wednesday, best chance of rain, hang out in the low 60s at the coast mid to upper 60s for the rest of us friday, saturday, sunday. 9er game tonight in the midst of our afternoon commute, expect delays on 101, you might want to consider 280, san mateo bridge no problems, we did have police activity a minute ago eastbound on the flat section they have left on to the hayward side. westbound commute a little busy, 14 minute drive towards foster city from hayward, southbound 101 through san rafael, busy at the limit past civic center no problems, fog-free on the golden gate bridge nation drive into san francisco southbound 880 stall blocking a lane of traffic in the oakland area at 16th eastbound 580 roadwork between north greenville and
5:54 am
north flynn until 11:00 this morning. westbound commute slowing over the altamont pass, bart, muni, caltrain everybody on time. 5:54. if you are hitting the road for thanksgiving, there's good news. >> here's jane king with the bloomberg business report. good morning. good news for drivers, gas prices keep going lower nationwide average $3.42, down 30 cents from a month ago. stores like toys "r" us, wal-mart, target starting black friday sales on thanksgiving day. now, cyber monday is starting earlier, wal-mart kicking off this year's sales two days earlier on saturday. allowing shoppers to order online and pay with cash in the stores. holiday flavors just keep getting weirder this year peppermint pringles retailers go to new extremes to get your attention.
5:55 am
$33 ice cream cake that looks like a turkey. if you don't want the whole turkey you can just get the leg, $8 forever a two-pack. -- for a two-pack. at the new york stock exchange, i'm jane king with the bloomberg business report. 5:55. looks like some can't bear the thought of missing out on a black friday door buster bargain in pinole and other places around the country people are waiting for those day after thanksgiving sales. this is the best buy store where managers tell us they can ever recall people lining up this early. for those who are driving the cold and the rain they say this has become their thanksgiving family tradition. >> we never sat at home and had thanksgiving in the house we have it in the parking lot. >> my brother said for us to get out here because he wanted to be first in line. >> lines are beginning to form at stores in southern california, florida and
5:56 am
wisconsin. don't forget before you start your black friday shopping, check out our website,, we've got everything you need from a list of stores open on thanksgiving to a slew of black friday ads with some of the hot deals, under see it on tv. members of an oakland youth program will be at the white house this morning to receive an award interest the first lady. youth radio teaches young adults about media skills, how to make a video, music production and broadcast journalism, honored with the nation at arts and humanities youth program award. >> radio is a positive way for young people to number one, take that time away from those areas and learn a skill and find their creative niche, artistic niche. >> the award ceremony takes place this morning 11:00 our time. next, holiday help in
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san jose the charity opening today to help out south bay families and the need that still exists. also ahead, what teens are admitting to doing to get that edge on that sports field. later, naughty or nice? michael finney has a list of companies offering the best and worst customer service ahead ñ7-i#t
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TOPIC FREQUENCY San Francisco 13, Israel 8, San Mateo 4, Northern Sonoma 3, Katie Marzullo 3, Chevron 3, San Jose 3, Turkey 3, Antioch 3, Tony Bennett 2, Obama 2, Eric Thomas 2, Smith 2, Amy Hollyfield 2, Kristen Sze 2, Jonathan Wilbanks 2, California 2, Emeryville 2, Los Gatos 2, Myanmar 2
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